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March 13, 2017

Saudi Xerox launches ‘We Care’ campaign

WHD Bureau

Saudi Xerox Limited (SXL), the regional leader in Business Services Sector, has launched the ‘We Care’ campaign in KSA along with key Xerox shareholder representatives. The campaign will provide a platform where customers and employees can voice their recommendations, suggestions and concerns to Saudi Xerox.

 The ‘We Care’ team will register any feedback received and use it to analyze customer and employee experience with Saudi Xerox. It will ensure that leaders can take the necessary action to close any gaps and avoid repetition of errors to improve stakeholder’s experience. The ‘We Care’ platform will help improve overall customer experience, communication and enhance employee relations.

“Our employees are our most precious assets and our customers are the reason we exist. It is through the dedication of our employees that we establish long-term relationships and serve our customers, shareholders and community. The young generation of Saudi talent, mainly Noor Abdulkarim, The Program Manager at Saudi Xerox is successfully driving the We Care campaign across the kingdom.” says Ehab Guindi – Managing Director and AVP, IT Sector at Saudi Xerox.

The “We Care” campaign was launched as part of SXL’s focus on positioning itself as a leading role model for customer and employee care. Being a large, successful and ethical corporation, Saudi Xerox places a high value of importance of its responsibility towards its employees and customers society by providing an easy platform for their stakeholders to communicate on.

“Promoting a solid reputation built on deep core values, demonstrated by a professional team with high business standards is the result of our commitment towards our people, customers and partners because we truly care.” says Abdulkarim Alreshaid, Vice President, Operations, Olayan Financing Company.

“'We Care' is a way of life for our team in Saudi Arabia. I'm very proud of the way this demonstrates that customers come first in everything we do. We not only care about our customers’ feedback, but we also act on it, and constantly strive to help our customers meet their business objectives.” says Mark Duffelen, General Manager and Vice President, Middle East operations, Xerox.

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