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March 07, 2016

Interview: Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Senior Director, MBD Group

As part of our interview series of successful women entrepreneurs/leaders (To mark the occasion of International Women's Day), we interviewed Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Senior Director, MBD Group

Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Senior Director, MBD Group

Monica Malhotra Kandhari started her entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. Presently a Senior Director in MBD Group, she learned her ropes in this very outfit at the shop floor. Under her aegis MBD group has ventured globally with the launch of its first publishing branch in South Africa (Cape Town). MBD is the only Indian origin publisher to be included in the National catalogue of South Africa. She has also been working towards creating synergies with leading international brands like Microsoft. 

She is also the driving force behind MBD Skills Division, formed to provide skill development training in the field of IT, ITES & Hospitality, with the aim of bridging the gap between the supply and demand of skilled manpower. MBD Alchemie, an e-learning company of MBD Group is another clinching proof of her undying enthusiasm, unlimited spirit of innovative and unbounded energy to keep pace with the times. Under her direction, MBD has also announced MBD Nytra an Augmented Reality app (watch books come alive), MBD smart books (educational tablets) and MBD Nyx (collaborative classrooms) for the end users.


Answer: The Omni presence of our founder, my dad Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra and working for him motivates me. To see the spirit of MBD in my people when they behave or say they are proud to be an MBDian. This makes me secure that I have many hands to take ownership and this motivates to venture into new verticals and growth of business

WHRD: How do you keep a balance between your personal and professional life?
Answer: I believe in personalized and customized daily routine to suit my schedule. Each day is uniquely planned in a manner that there’s a balance between professional and personal life. Of course family comes first but I do draw out priorities of work each day. Last thing at work is that I plan the next day which helps me strike a fair balance.

WHRD: What skills do you think are important to be a good leader?
Answer: A good leader should have confidence and belief in oneself. Also, one should be focused, persistent, committed towards achieving their goals. Keep the team positive and motivated, for you are as good as your team.

WHRD: What are your hobbies?
Answer: I truly believe that songs and films are good fun and entertainment. I love to watch comedy movies and admire humor as it offers some best entertaining moments in life and light moments with family and loved ones. 

WHRD: What are your tips for women who want to become entrepreneurs?
Answer: I would not like to define attributes saying that these are must have for women. I think beyond this gender parity, to become an accomplished entrepreneur you need the attributes same for women as of men. Intelligence, hard work, perseverance and determination are key to any success.

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