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March 07, 2016

Interview: Ayushi Shah, Owner, Icing On Top

As part of our interview series of successful women entrepreneurs/leaders (To mark the occasion of International Women's Day), we interviewed Ayushi Shah, Owner, Icing On Top

Ayushi Shah, Owner, Icing On Top

Icing On Top is the brainchild of dessert gourmand - Ayushi Shah. Trained in the pastry kitchen at JW Marriott as well as at Indigo Deli (Palladium) and Indigo (Colaba), Ayushi quotes her love for food as the driving point behind her success. A strong vegetarian upbringing shines through in the completely eggless menu offered, a rarity in itself. With an expansive menu that spans handcrafted miniature cookies to the ever-so-flavourful crackers, Icing On Top is a resultant success of both local and international ingredients that are carefully hand-picked and transformed into delectable treats by Ayushi.


WHRD: How do you motivate yourself at work? 
By researching constantly and travelling a lot, so that I always have something new and fresh to offer my customers.

WHRD: How do you keep a balance between your personal and professional life?
There are days when I work overtime and through weekends, and have absolutely no time for and personal life. I am lucky that I have understanding parents, husband and in laws. But then there are days when I take off completely, although it is hard to cut off a 100%, it is good enough. When I am on holiday, which is luckily quite often, I usually only make a call to work once a day to check up on things. 

WHRD: What skills do you think are important to be a good leader?
Faith in your staff, ability to delegate, and ability to accept your own mistakes and learn from them. 
WHRD: What are your hobbies?
Traveling, eating out all the time, and reading.

WHRD: What are your tips for women who want to become entrepreneurs? 
Perseverance is the key. 

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