Article: Women shattering the concrete ceiling

Author: Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments

The world isn’t what it used to be. We are finally seeing a rise in the support for the equality of women at many levels. 

Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments
Breaking the myth

When one talks about the real estate or construction sector, the abysmally low ratio of women to men is often attributed to the fact that construction sites (or the real estate sector) is not a place for women. At Gera, we believe that this is not true. Not for the real estate sector neither for the construction sites. 

We decided to put our money where our mouth is and decided to engage women in a more inclusive manner on the project sites. The initiative was welcomed within our organization, however, to our dismay we found that the mindset of the smaller contractors as well as their construction workers was still stuck in a time warp. There was a fundamental reluctance to accept and directions from women in a position of leadership and power. 

All women’s team- A dream then

We decided that the only way around this problem was to have a team that comprised only women thereby eliminating the option to treat the women as inferior completely. We therefore set up an all women’s team tasked the responsibility to project manage, supervise and deliver Gera’s Misty Waters, our residential project at Keshav Nagar in Pune.

After scouring several platforms, we selected a group of highly motivated women who were more than willing to go the extra mile and smash through the glass ceiling.  We made it clear to each of these members of the team that success in delivering the project as promised would be a huge boost to the cause of women on construction sites and failure would lead to a setback for a long time.

Women Build- a reality now

The team has (and not without challenges) completed the structure as well as most of the masonry and are currently busy working on the completing the project. 

Our initiative is only the first of many and goes to show just how much passion and potential waits to be discovered and brought into the spotlight. To us, our first all-women team and all other women fighting the good fight here at Gera, are just as fresh in their perspective and amazingly unconventional in their approach as the many trailblazers across generations.

We hope to ensure they’re noticed, appreciated and most importantly, celebrated every day.

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