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May 17, 2017

Bash introduces chat based modules to its AI architecture for HR platforms

New Delhi, India, May 17, 2017- Bash, the HR-based bot and artificial intelligence (AI) technology startup today announced the introduction of three chat bot based modules powered by AI which can be plugged into an organization's HR function. Bash enables businesses to boost routine queries usually addressed to the HR with the speed and accuracy that chat applications like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are known for. Bash now allows businesses to take the load off their HR functions by way of three modules; namely, Employee Satisfaction, HR Help Desk and Post Hire Orientation.

While various industries have seen technological innovation over the years, HR and recruitment has not seen automation other than ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for decades. Now, the dominant theme in HR technology is artificial intelligence (AI).

With Bash’s user-friendly front-end chat interface built specifically for HR function, it gives organizations a highly accurate and real-time way to automate conversations with employees within an organization's intranet. It can also be accessed using instant messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Kik, Google and Microsoft’s Skype.

“Bots are riding the rise of instant messaging applications and having seen the success of these apps in increasing collaboration it’s a no brainer that chat based applications are the future. Bash enables businesses to take over reins of their HR function and run their business seamlessly”, said Barkha Sharma, CEO & Founder, Bash.

Bash’s chat bot modules can gauge employee satisfaction and help organizations take preventive measures. It also leverages the power of advanced instant messaging technologies to morph into a help desk by always being available to answer HR related questions for employees. For example: ‘How many leaves am I eligible to this quarter?’ It helps sift through the noise, find a signal and respond to an employee's question, all in real-time. Post HR orientation can be used to connect new employees with on boarding information.

Bash’s chat based modules mimic cognitive functions related to HR and helps employees organize their HR activities, answers questions related to pay slips, company leave policies and perks, among a host of other functions. Bash processes general inquiries and assists with real-time grievances management by providing insights and reports leading to increased workplace productivity.

“The future of the workplace will be overwhelmingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Bash is just a step forward in that direction. AI in HR will revolutionize the way insights are extracted from employees and will elevate current efforts within the HR function. It will translate to effective organizations that build workforces equipped to maximize workplace productivity”, said Barkha Sharma.

Bash will soon launch two new modules focusing on hiring and training.


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