Article: Keeping employees happy and motivated at workplace

Author: Dushyant Jani
              Founder and CEO
              Mobclixs Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Dushyant Jani, Founder and CEO,
Mobclixs Technologies Pvt. Ltd
People today are constantly on the go to achieve something, depriving themselves of being happy. Moreover, tough times have taught us to toil hard for a better future devoid thinking of the present day, hour, minute or a single second to be happy. The difference between wants and needs have been shaded away and we are still running behind luxuries which may or may not give us exact means to be happy. There are some who are homeless, some who have lost their loved ones, and some who have lost their physical ability; but are still happy. Whereas, some have a mansion, a lot of people called as family, with all physical strength but still are on their way to find their happiness. Isn’t it weird?

Present day corporate world scenarios also see many employees working, as we call it, ‘for the sake of it’. Working professionals are first enticed by the monetary gains and then followed by the company perks and benefits. But, as these material aspects fade away and one moves up the motivational hierarchy, it has been observed that only a handful of employees truly remain happy and stay focussed at work.

Being happy with the worldly things is very easy for some time, however as time passes these luxuries will have no meaning and no existence in our lives. Out of 24 hours, we spend 8 hours for sleep; and the next 8 to 10 hours at our workplace. Our workplace, the spot where we live making our dreams come true, learn and relearn new things; and the most important - we are here because we are the best. Let us check out 5 simple ways to be happy at our workstation that helps us remain motivated and charged.

Take charge of your professional and personal life

We are the creators of ourselves; it is we who decide what is best for us. Choosing the right job, choosing the best company, choosing the best course, and of course and so on and so forth, makes us happy as we have got what we have chosen to pursue. Ask for specific help from your boss, discuss it, and make a move towards self-growth. This will help develop your goal and future. Take a right decision, think what will make you more comfortable and the outcome is Happiness.

Make commitments that you can fulfil

This becomes a difficult task but you need to be very careful before committing to anything. Create a systematic planning method, and organise your ability to complete a required commitment. This will bring positivity in you and you will no longer make fake excuses to the task unaccomplished. Ask for help for the piling workload and give your best to complete it. A completed task will bring a sense of satisfaction and ultimately happiness, along with the required motivation at work.

Make friends

Grow your network with meaningful friends and colleagues. Socialising and enjoying with your co-workers are hallmarks for positivity and happy work experiences. Take time to know them and you may even like or learn few things from them.

Do something that you love

Even though you seem to have a hectic day at work, you will still find some time left over to pursue what you love doing. This could be something as simple as reading (for leisure). Take a look around you will find something which will attract you; this will make your current job free from boredom and working on unique, new things will make you happy.

Don’t Overwork

As much as you love your job and love working, always remember to never over-do it.  It’s great to love to want to work and to achieve your dreams and goals; but, excess of anything does more harm than good. It paves way for negativity and boredom; and leaves you feeling burned-out. Unless the bare necessary, don’t stay back long hours at work. Wrap up soon and make time for family and friends, or clean up that shelf that’s been piling dust at home! You could also use the extra time on hands to exercise, pursue a hobby or simply watch a movie. This will definitely take your mind off work for a while and leave you feeling refreshed for the tasks next day. 

These are just few examples of being happy at your workplace to make both your personal and professional life happier and stress-free. However, always remember one thing, it is you who has to choose to be happy and happiness is first found inside. So stay motivated and be happy!

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