Article: Tips to retain employees- The 5 R's

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Author: Kavita Nigam, 
              GM- HR, Publicity & Promotion,
              Karam Industries

Kavita Nigam,
GM- HR, Publicity & Promotion at Karam Industries
Business pundits often stress on the fact that a brand is inculcated through the value of its employees. Hence, it is imperative to keep employees in a perpetual state of positive productivity. In the current competitive environment, organizations tend to place undue emphasis on client retention, often losing out on vital employee-centric reforms.

Employee retention has turned out to be a major cause of concern as employees are increasingly being wooed be competitors on an alarming rate. As much as talent inculcation is promoted, it is equally essential to find ways in retaining the talent that employers have honed in their employees.  Below stated are the 5 R’s essential for employee retention-

Responsibility: Faith amongst employees is the foundation to a thriving organization. It is important to place dependence on employees through evenly distributing responsibilities that allow them to grow. Encouraging them to expand new skills and provide sufficient learning opportunities will help in adding new dimensions to their performance. For newly vacant positions, it is also prudent in hiring from within the workforce.

Respect: Employees, time to time, need to feel respected and accepted. Humans are programmed in such a way that one may forget verbal connotations, yet retain the treatment meted out in their memory. Workplace legends often are built around appalling conducts of weary and stressed-out employers. If the employers make it a practice to show respect towards employees on a constant basis, it will help foster a prolific workplace culture as well as build a connection with employees, based on positive experiences.

Revenue-sharing: It is a smart step to incentivise employee wages on the scale of company’s performance. This will aid in aligning their interests with the company’s profit goals and invest in the company’s overall growth. Through making payroll inherently variable under differing business conditions, organizations emerge up to be more robust, resilient and nimble, while keeping employees on a growth curve.

Reward: Reward is an essential tool in keeping employees satiated. Maslow’s hierarchical needs have implicitly stated that people yearn to get rewards based on esteem requirements. Positive reinforcements such as acknowledgment in front of the company, organization and department parties, service- based projects, lunches with the employers, handwritten notes, etc., can easily contribute to imbibing the positive culture of the company, acting as good morale builders.

Relaxation Time: Employers should be generous in providing leaves and holidays. Despite the cutting-edge market scenario, sufficient time for sick days, family vacations, new babies, and so on should be supplemented to the employees to keep the rate of productivity on a growth based momentum. Pacing workflow can be highly beneficial to enduring employee relationship as one might expect high-quality performance, at the price of great incentives. Unrealistic time-frame hampers the core of productivity.  Team-building activities or mini break periods over the course of the day help in alleviating the burgeoning stress that employees are often susceptible to.

It is important to remember that similar to tending a garden, long-term commitment require efforts in both directions. Hence, employees need to  have added responsibility to retain the beautiful relationship as long as the employer extends a hand of gratitude.

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