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August 08, 2016

Article: HR Trend 'Barrierless Hiring'

By Priya Krishnan, CEO, Founding Years Learning Solutions 

The business environment is changing rapidly as new businesses are evolving faster than ever.  In this changing world of human capital management, there are a multitude of opportunities for a talent to choose what to do and where to go. However, despite the rapidly growing economy and the introduction of new academic courses in a variety of disciplines, the state of unemployment has not made any sizable progress in India.

Priya Krishnan, CEO, Founding Years Learning Solutions 
In the above context, human resources practices have also undergone changes. To utilize the best pool of talent suited to their industry, different organizations take different approaches – barrier less hiring, giving importance to skill supported by passion and focussing on innovation to name just a few. Matured models, seasoned practices and tested tools are a thing of the past in today’s human capital management.

In my view, one of the most important developments in the Human Resource space to look forward to, which promises to be a significant future trend, is “Barrierless Hiring”. Inflexible standards of education, gender polarized jobs, older generation driven hierarchy and time-based promotions have been barriers rather than carriers when it comes to hiring the best person for the job. Organizations are starting to realize that skill driven by passion and a curious mind are what truly matter for a business enterprise.

The childcare industry, while it has had rapid growth, is still an unorganized field in its burgeoning stage. With a significantly large compound annual growth rate of 15%, it cannot be denied that this industry will soon hit the mainstream. In comparison with other fields, educational qualifications and certifications are considerably less of a barrier in childcare and employment is assured based on the passion and skill required to work with children.  As the need for preschools and day-cares grow and the industry becomes more organized, it presents the ideal platform to transform a semi-skilled workforce to a skilled workforce. It opens up the opportunity for employment even for those who are unemployable. With the unfortunate practice in India of limiting women’s education, the childcare industry gives hope of self-reliance and financial independence to those women who missed the bus. The childcare field having one of the highest densities of women employed, we at KLAY Schools and The Little Company are contributing to bringing women back to work by actively creating jobs for women looking to work in this sector and also by supporting mothers return to work while leaving their kids with us.

The Little Company (TLC), our onsite day-care brand helps organizations move towards friendlier human resources policies that help in the retention of women by eliminating some of the challenges that prevent women from returning to work after maternity breaks. This is achieved by working with companies to construct the right childcare solutions for their employees coupled with flexible work schedules. With onsite daycare, parents have ease of access to their children and a childcare system whose holidays and timings are mapped to their needs. This greatly relieves the stress of parents looking for a safe, secure and hygienic home away from home for their child.


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